AWARE Worldwide is a 501c3 nonprofit organization designed to:

Assist individuals, families, and communities

With Health and Human Services


Resources and Referrals,

Education and Empowerment


What We Believe 

We believe total wellness consists of a positive balance, integration, and interaction, of mind, body, spirit, and social/emotional components, which includes access to and adoption of  positive  environmental and nutritional influences.
We believe in the empowerment and choice of individuals, families and communities, to live full and productive lives, healthily and happily.


To empower individuals, families and communities to achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible with prevention education and services, reliable resources and referrals, and aiding access to all types of health and wellness services of an individual's/families'/communities' choosing. 

Our Vision:

We envision a world where every human being has access to all types of health and human services in which to sustain healthier lives and communities.