Grace Holistic Solutions (GHS) are evidenced-based, natural modalities which are uniquely combined to specifically help the body release and balance its own healing mechanisms where it finds energy blockage to restore and rejuvenate equilibrium and bring about complete wellness. 

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Created and inspired by epigenetics, the study of how lifestyle choices can impact the expression or non-expression of good and bad genes, GHS personally addresses each individual's nutritional and environmental imbalances and toxins, which are known to be the underlying cause of overall dis-comfort and dis-ease.
These natural, synergistic modalities  not only promote healing, serenity, stress reduction, and positive mind/body/spirit/ emotional integration, they can also target hidden, emerging, imbalances that are on the horizon which may cause future dis-comforts and dis-eases.  The healing mechanisms are empowered to provide the transformation needed to achieve a healthier and happier life. But, you don't know, what you don't know, and you don't know your underlying cause!!
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Signature Services

Comprehensive Holistic Health Assessment

A Comprehensive Holistic Health Assessment is completed by a traditional, Registered, American Naturopathic Medical Board Certified, Drugless Naturopath. Biofeedback/Energy/Bodywork, and Wellness History are combined to assess your present and potential imbalances and dis-ease. Nutrition counseling, detox and cleansing regimen, supplements and herbs, and lifestyle modifications, just to name a few, may be suggested.

Receive a Personalized Wellness Action Plan as a guide to achieve and maintain whole body wellness.

Follow-Up Wellness Sessions (45 Minutes)

Wellness Sessions are designed to recharge and prepare you to meet the challenges of every-day life as you work towards weight optimization, stress-reduction, hormonal/emotional balance, and detoxification. The energy/bodywork provides stress relief and releases the body’s inherent self-healing capabilities. The modalities focus on the flow of vital detoxifying lymph fluids, are deeply relaxing, and assist in reducing symptoms of dis-comfort and dis-ease.

From heightening energy communication within the body to liberating deeply stored mental, emotional and physical stress, Grace Holistic Solutions contain an abundance of self-healing and restorative benefits. The goal is deep transformation and overall mind, body, spirit, and social/emotional purification. Your overall fortitude is meant to improve.

“Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath and start again.”

*Disclaimer: Grace Holistic Solutions modalities are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any diseases. It is not a substitute for any medical advice or treatment. You should seek medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider.